Request for Cassidy

Hello Madame, I’ve a request for you when you’ve the time to look it over.

Name of Master/Mistress: Cade Gallant

Name of Escort: Cassidy

Time Period Required (from one day to a week): Two days.

Room of Master/Mistress: 11A.
Offered Price: ₤2300

Lovely—I’m glad do see one of our newer hires getting work. Be sure to treat her well, Cade, not that I doubt you.

Request for Chase

As always, your hospitality is always appreciated. I have a request to submit at your leisure.

Name of Master/Mistress: Cade Gallant
Name of Escort: Chase
Time Period Required (from one day to a week): One night.
Room of Master/Mistress: 11A.
Offered Price: ₤1200

Always a pleasure, Master Gallant. Chase is available for you tomorrow evening, if that suits you. Enjoy. 

As you all know - no resident, save for special exceptions discussed with myself, may sleep or have any sort of sexual relation with an escort whilst they are on duty without reimbursing me for the time taken.

The same must be said for escorts on reserve. All requests to sleep with a reserved escort must go through the reserved Master or Mistress, and then I must be send a formal request. Unless it is stated explicitly, a reserved escort is to assume that they must sleep with no other resident, nor have any sexual contact with them.

Do not disrespect your Master or Mistress by betraying them in this arrangement.

Residents who have not reserved the escort must not tell the escort to ask their Master or Mistress for permission, the request must go through directly from Resident to Resident. These are not only the rules of a reserve contract that you signed upon joining my company, but the rules of respect for the person who has hired you, and the rules that I expect my escorts to abide by.

Break these rules, and there are consequences - repeat infractions will result in the termination of your contract here, and the removal of you from this establishment if you are an escort, or the barring of your access to the escort service if you are a Resident.❞

Request for Gabriel

  • Name of Master/Mistress: Liam Holman
  • Name of Escort: Gabriel
  • Time Period Required (from one day to a week): 2 days
  • Room of Master/Mistress: 5A
  • Offered Price: ₤3000

Thank you, Madam…

❝You are welcome, Mr. Holman. Do enjoy yourself, he is yours for the next two days, beginning tonight.

Request for Dorian

  • Name of Master/Mistress: Jaxson Benton 
  • Name of Escort: Dorian LaRue aka Shakespeare 
  • Time Period Required (from one day to a week): three days
  • Room of Master/Mistress: 19B
  • Offered Price: ₤5000

Greetings Madam, 

It is a pleasure returning to the building. I would like to request Dorian LaRue for three days. I hope you will find my offered price acceptable. I ran into Dorian upon my return. He was polite, accommodating, and while my welcome didn’t result in full fledged intercourse, I do feel the need to pay for the time I spent with him when I returned. If the price is not sufficient, do not hesitate to let me know and I will do what is requested. Once again Madam, thank you for the services you and your staff provide. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. 

Mr. Benton, glad to see you have returned to us. The price you have offered is definitely acceptable, however I have to ask you to wait until the 19th, as Dorian is already booked. The request will go through, of course, and he will be yours on the aforementioned date. Dorian is a lovely escort - and no doubt he will take care of everything you could want. Consider your outstanding debt paid, Mr. Benton, and again - welcome back.


Request for Dorian

Excuse me, Madam, I’d like to book Dorian for a night as I’ve grown rather fond of him.

  • Name of Master/Mistress: Liam Holman
  • Name of Escort: Dorian
  • Time Period Required (from one day to a week): One night
  • Room of Master/Mistress: 5A
  • Offered Price: ₤1200

Always lovely to hear from you, Mr. Holman, I hope that your desire for privacy here has been achieved. I would be happy to grant your request, do enjoy.

[Database SMS] Sent to “Big V”

Hey Boss! Long time no talk! Hope all is well in the business and what not!

I’m messagin ya to ask if I might be able to take this week off? I could use a bit of time not workin to spend with Hunt and Owen—would ya mind? I can work extra hours or somethin later to make up for it if ya need me to, miss. Just let me know!


xx Chase

My dear Chase, I see that commitment is treating you well. I have to admit that I’m surprised, but proud of you.

I can give you the week off, I’m more than happy to, seeing as Mr. Caverly went to the trouble of booking you for the holiday you took. Also, you should know that you don’t exactly work extra hours; you just bed more clients, isn’t that right, cherie?


[She has to smile, slightly, subtly—in part at the thought of the hand written note, in part at the chicken scratch it’s written in. Somehow, the look of it alone oozes his French heritage. She places the note carefully at the top of her files and takes out a blank sheet of her own.]

"Dearest Monsieur,

Your subtleties for charm are not lost on me, Mr Dumont, though they are perhaps, as you say, a bit transparent. Nonetheless, the time spent to message me is appreciated, as is your ability to make me smile. I feel I must clarify that it was not flattery or affection I was looking for, but rather simple manner in greeting. I’m aware I’m the middle man for these transactions, but what I am not, is an ATM. We are all people here, so I simply meant to urge you to remember that. When you are booking one of my escorts, you aren’t putting coins into a meter, but rather dealing directly with the very person who keeps this roof over all of your heads. I have every faith of your good intentions, sir, but I’d rather keep things personable to a degree, as well as professional. Manners first, yes?

Thank you for your note, Master Dumont. I look forward to working again with you in the future and hope Clover suits you well.


-M. Vettra”

Request for Clover

Bonjour, Madame. Just a request when you have the time to look it over.

Name of Master/Mistress: Cade Gallant
Name of Escort: Clover
Time Period Required (from one day to a week): One night.
Room of Master/Mistress: 11A.
Offered Price: ₤1100

Quite lovely to have you back with us, Master Cade. I trust your time away was well spent? I’d be happy to grant you your request, however, Clover has just been put on a reserve by Master Alexander Dumont. You will need to get his permission before booking her for an evening.

Reserve: Clover

  • Name of Master/Mistress: Alexander H. Dumont
  • Name of Escort: Clover
  • Any existing escorts on permanent reserve?: Non
  • Room of Master/Mistress: 13C
  • Offered Price: 18,500

I’ll be happy to grant your reserve, Master Dumont, though perhaps you could take a pointer or two from your favored escort—she’s very familiar with manners. Booking an escort for three months is something that usually lends it self to a bit of conversation.

I trust she’ll suit your needs, Alexander. Do enjoy and let me know if there’s anything further I can do for you.